North Cyprus property to be auctioned by Akfinans Bank and owners evicted – day 24

New York - East Side eviction

Relations between myself and the landowner were excellent until I found out about the mortgage.  His family were like my family; the biggest sadness for me is that they could do such a thing to friends. Yuksel Yilmaz used to bring the latest copy of the Pegasus in-flight magazine for me.   He was the manager of Pegasus in Lefkosa.  His sister and I were teaching each other our respective languages.   I would eat with the family on a regular basis.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all the clues were there.  Yuksel’s brother-in-law sold us all water for the first year at 10TL a 2 ton tank and 40TL for a pool fill from the well nearby.  Little did we know that he did not own the well and we only found out when the true owner put a stop to it.  Up to that point Karşıyaka Belediyesi  would not supply mains water, but surprise, surprise, as soon as the well scam ‘dried up’ the water meters appeared and guess who fitted them – you got it – the brother-in-law! I wonder who was on the take at Karşıyaka?

When I first got a copy of the search from the land registry, I showed it to the brother-in-law, his shock was that the mortgage was for 100,000TL as Yuksel Yilmaz had told him it was for 70,000TL.  They had all been in on it from day one.

Yes I am sorry that they will loose their new homes.  They still have their old homes which they currently rent out.  Some of the about to be evicted residents have nowhere to go. This family were Turkish settlers from Trabzon; they were GIVEN this land by the TRNC government.  Not satisfied with selling it once, Yuksel Yilmaz then mortgaged it too.   Of course, his best friend the Manager of Akfinans Bank Limited made this easy for him by turning a blind eye to the fact that it was not suitable security having already been sold.

If you care, please be at the Auction at the Coffee Shop in  Karşıyaka Square on Sunday 6t June (D Day) starts at 10.00 a.m. be early.

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