Kulaksiz 5 – Akfinans Bank to auction North Cyprus pensioner’s home in 27 days

To produce a short article every day until the Auction is a daunting task.  However it came to mind that many of you did not get the connection Kulaksiz had with the Amaranta valley fiasco. I clearly remember his ‘public relations’ lackey telling me that Kulaksiz had negotiated a deal to help finish the project and that it would be worth millions to their company.  I also remember telling him that it was a case of the ‘blind leading the blind’. Bear in mind that this was at the time they were doing the first rebuild on my villa at Kulaksiz 5 – that is for tomorrow.
Back to Amaranta Valley – they were booted off the site and many will remember Kulaksiz blockading the entrance to Amaranta valley because they were still owed £56,000.  What a wonderful example of the biter getting bitten. Can you imagine Akfinans Bank Limited rubbing their greedy hands when Kulaksiz Construction Ltd told them of their lucrative new contract at Amaranta Valley.
Remember we need your support on June 6th 2010 at the Coffee Shop in Karisyaka Square – 10.00 a.m.
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