Nige’s Stop the Blackmail Group Names and Shames

John Good, aka Nigel Watson, has gone one step further than most property victims would dare, he has named and shamed those who are blackmailing him personally. This extract reproduced from the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus FaceBook Group (not Pauline Read’s original group) shows there is one case where he is willing to go public with all the juicy personal details:

“Some things are just plain wrong ! here is one example of fraud/ Blackmail Behzal. H. NalÇkanoĞlu of AK tad market telephone 03928512706 or 0533 8612706 in Lapta close to club semina hotel says he will only sign the kochans over to the buyers if each of us & 6 others on the development pay him 20 thousand pounds each +HIS taxes stopage fees and advocate fees this is over and above the contract price.( this has already been paid by each buyer).” ALL THIS AFTER HIS MORTGAGE OF $25,000 WAS PAID OFF ( YES HE DID NOT MAKE ANY REPAYMENTS )”

This goes to show that the approach taken by HBPG, paying off mortgages, does not work in all cases.

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