North Cyprus Property Victims | Kulaksiz 5 Misplaced Hopes Revisited

North Cyprus Property Victims – WITHOUT PRESSURE

I have gone back to an old review of the Cyprus Today dated 23rd June 2010, very interesting looking backwards to see just how things have changed.

Buyers say meeting with bank is unfair – The Kulaksiz 5 homebuyers have rejected another “impossible” condition for a meeting with the bank that has bought their forcibly auctioned homes from under them. Buyers of the 10 bungalows have been told by Akfinans Bank that only one of them plus a lawyer, could attend a meeting at which two lawyers would represent the bank. Akfinans Bank also demanded each member of the group to sign a gagging order, which Bob French, one of the buyers says is not acceptable. Mr French said the buyers were now pinning their hopes on possible government action to stop their homes being sold by Akfinans Bank. The bank wants to push through the sale to recover the debt of almost 2 million tl, that is because of quarterly compound interest of 80% being added by the bank on the original 105,000tl loan. No repayments were ever received.” [NCFP – 23/6/2012]

As far as Kulaksiz 5 are concerned, nothing has changed, they still are not one step further towards finding Justice, but you will see from a comment, made by the spokesman for the K5 victims, that he was still naively expecting the Government to step in and help. Well two years and two months on, they still haven’t lifted one finger to help and still insist the solution must be found through the courts. Hands up anyone who thinks that will happen.

Now in a complete turn about in policy the other STBINC says that the way forward is to negotiate with the Government. Hello… it doesn’t work! Add to that the fact that the current administration are now saying “hands off my good friend the Finance Minister.” Would that be the same Finance Minister who failed to tell the K5 he was a former Director of Akfinans Bank Limited, the same Finance Minister whose Accountancy Firm Tatar and Co. are accountants and auditors of Koop Bank who gave NCP a mortgage on Olive Grove knowing that the properties were sold and allegedly even looked at some of the Contracts? The same Finance Minister much mentioned by the prosecution in the Asil Nadir case? Would it be THAT Finance Minister?

The current Government have been in office long enough to have taken some action and indeed did at one stage; they promised to back peddle as soon as they could. Who can forget the FIVE WISEMEN or the committee comprising of the two Turkish Ambassadors (Lefkosa and London) and Lord Maginnis? Are we now to believe that they are about to experience an epiphany and totally changed attitudes towards property victims? Face reality, if they were going to help, we would be now be seeing the results of that help.

Kudret Ozersay, a former adviser to the current Government, has launched TOPARLANUORUZ. There was a two page spread on this in Cyprus Today recently and there is a FaceBook page to visit. Ms Read would by now have met with Kudret Bey had she not had her shoulder injury. Mr Ozersay did inbox her his phone number and ask her to phone to arrange to have a coffee. She will be doing that in the next few days. On the face of it, the changes being called for and the ideas of a clean open community are laudable. Let us not however lose sight of the fact that prior to coming to power Mr Eroglu also promised to help ex-pats who are property victims.

Let us hope that there is a light on the horizon, that help is on the way, but hope is not enough, so the pressure groups must keep on pushing those who can help, to do so without fear or favour. ACTION not WORDS. Unfortunately, politicians have a habit of saying what they are trying to achieve but not HOW they intend to achieve it.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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