North Cyprus | Talat Kurşat “should not go unchallenged and unpunished”

It is 7 to 8 degrees colder today than it was on the same day last year. How do I know, Chris just told me. He keeps records in his diary when he tests the pool. The pool at the villa we now live in.  The villa that the whole of North Cyprus now know about because Talat Kurşat thought he was justified telling the whole of North Cyprus  through Yeniduzen and Halkin Sesi and maybe other publications I know nothing about. You might think the editors would have pulled the plug on revealing such details before violating the rights of a private individual so publicly, that common decency might prevail since these details have no bearing on the legal case between Kulaksiz 5 and the bank. That to try to smear the good name of Pauline Read was their intent is clear.

The documentation that the newspapers thought it correct to publish were private and personal to Pauline Read and again had no relevance to any legal cases being fought through the courts, but every relevance to a smear campaign. The ludicrous allegations that both she and her partner attacked the men breaking into her home were not true but in their minds very ‘juicy material’ in a smear campaign. Even that now looks like the nonsense it always was when you consider a) Pauline was not there until after the intruders left,  b) Chris has a long-standing disability in both hands, c) the men in question (3) were many years their junior and d)  Pauline is in her 67th year and her partner is in his 62nd year. They compounded this allegation by referring to them as LOVER and MISTRESS, terms clearly designed to alienate the readers against them. They took a 28 year loving relationship and tarnished it with words that you would expect from the ‘gutter’ press.
You have to wonder what a psychiatrist would make of these people and they way they think.

Pauline accuses them of:

Invasion of her Privacy, especially when quoting from the private letter between her Advocate and the Ministry of the Interior (Permission to Purchase Office).  There should be an enquiry within the Ministry of the Interior to find out who gave access to this file.

Violation of her Human Rights by printing lies and distressing insults.

If the newspapers who carried Talat Kurşat’s words do not give her the right of reply, she will be consulting her legal adviser on what action  is appropriate against them and Talat Kurşat.

The acts of bullies and cowards should not go unchallenged and unpunished.

Pauline loves the TRNC, she always will and will never judge the many by the actions of the few.

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