Why does TRNC lawyer Talat Kurşat want Pauline Read deported?

There is a thread on C44 about whether or not they should deport Pauline Read.  It has had over 5000  hits and 180 plus comments.  Clearly this will make it to the 200 comments that automatically closes the thread.  People are interested, maybe even shocked that such a suggestion should be made by a legally trained man and reproduced in the press.  That a “witch-hunt” like this should exist at all brings much shame to the hunters, that a newspaper should actively condone it and take part, brings shame and dishonour on to that newspaper.  I am led to believe that one of the newspapers, the most vociferous is up for sale;  if this is so, who would want to buy or be associated with such an outrage?

Why do they want Pauline Read deported?  Clearly there is no tangible benefit to a newspaper.  So why do the bank and it’s legal team want her deported.  Well, the reason in my opinion is that she makes them look at themselves and they do not like what they see.  They accuse her of all manner of wrong doing, but in essence just what is it she has done?

She is the spokesperson for a minority group, clearly this is untrue, but have they not read their history books? Martin Luther King started out as the spokesman of a minority group and look what he achieved.  Emily Pankhurst started out as the spokeswoman of a minority group and thanks to her and the suffragettes women in Britain obtained the vote.  So many good changes started small, swelled and made this world a better place.  I do not think Pauline Read is doing what she is doing to obtain fame or notoriety, I think  she would laugh at the very idea.

They accuse her of things that in any other country the papers would reject as nonsense and certainly in Britain every news report contains the age of the subject, yet strangely it did not appear in the newspapers that carried such nonsense.  Why – was it because they knew that once the reader saw her age, their common sense would tell them not to believe such nonsense?

Every thinking person knows exactly what this smear campaign is all about.  It is about silencing the one woman who has the courage to say ‘what you are doing may be within the law of North Cyprus, but it is not right, it is not fair, it is not natural justice’.

I do not know Pauline Read but from what I see in the forums and what I have read here on NCFP,  she is not about to stop trying to get justice for all, not just Kulaksiz 5 but for all those treated unfairly and unjustly in the property market.

My advice to Pauline Read would be ‘you have done all you can, if you can get your money, take it and go’.  Seeing from the forums and NCFP the type of person she is, I do not expect her to take my advice.

Peter Wright

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