Happy New Year | Kulaksiz 5 Court Case | Wednesday 2nd January 2013


Happy New Year | Kulaksiz 5 Court Case | Wednesday 2nd January 2013

On Tuesday we will all probably wake up a little the worse for wear from the celebrations of seeing the New Year in and full of good intentions armed with our New year’s Resolutions.

Tuesday 1st January 2013 – why, it only seems like yesterday we were welcoming in the Millennium, the year 2000. It is now into its 13th year and how much has changed in north Cyprus. In 2000 if you purchased in north Cyprus you were pretty certain to have a straight forward honest transaction.

On Wednesday the 2nd January 2013, the Kulaksiz 5, probably the most well known victims of the property scams that have blighted north Cyprus since the mid 2000’s but by no means the only victims of the greedy corrupt and unfeeling builders/developers/landowners and banks, will be in court again. Not all the aforementioned are dishonest, but sadly too many are and there are too many innocent purchasers whose lives they have so impacted upon by their actions. Unless some sort of agreement has been reached between the K5 and the Bank’s legal teams on ‘striking out’ some of the defence in this case, then the hearing due on the 18th December and postponed, will go ahead; maybe. If a compromise has been reached, it will need to be approved by the Judge, whatever happens you can be sure there will be another date given, then another and another… This decision is important and needs to be granted so that the main case can continue in earnest.

If you wish to support the K5 on Wednesday, I would suggest you be there around 9.30 am. Clearly the 8.30 am start given for the last appearance was optimistic.

On Thursday 3rd January 2013 Ms. Pauline Read has another appointment at the Girne District Court, her first appearance for her 5th Libel Writ. It would be pointless for supporters to attend since she already knows it will be a very brief appearance. She does however ask you all to pray for her and ask for her ‘deliverance from evil’. She asks this for all those whose lives have been touched by the evil of greed.

Wednesday 2nd January 2013 – Girne District Court – 9.30 am. If you care, be there.

Never give in never give up.


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