Modern Poetry | Don’t Say It if You Don’t Mean it

Modern Poetry – Don’t Say It if You Don’t Mean it. My observation on some people I have met in North Cyprus.

Don’t say it if you don’t mean it

Is it me?
Is it where I live?
Why do they do it
Arrange to meet.
Never show up
I will do this
I will do that.
Falsehoods abound
Tripping from tongues.
Vying to impress
Speaking without thought.
Making arrangements
Promises broken.
Do they not know?
Transparent they become.
Are they non-people?
A new breed.
Promises, promises
They must feel guilty.
But no shame
Mouths spewing discord.
Get real
Remember others feel.
A promise is a promise
I was taught.
A man is his word
Stands or falls.
Chattering classes
Heads up asses.
Empty heads
Disloyal betrayers.

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