Electricity Bills

prepaymentSome property owners who rent out their villas get a shock when they get their Kib Tek bills, after paying guests have stayed during the summer. The problem can be that many British people are not used to using air conditioning or know how much it costs to run. It is not an uncommon sight to see villas with windows and patio doors wide-open and the a/c units running.

One solution can be to fit a pre-payment electricity meter or PPEM. The PPEM is installed next to the fuse box inside the house and the circuits to the air conditioning units are re-routed through it. The guest buys “credit” cards from the villa owner or local rep, worth 20 pounds each, and inserts them into the PPEM. The credit is transferred to the PPEM and as the a/c is used the credit is consumed. The cards are the magnetic strip type and they are memory-wiped when inserted, as well as having holes punched in them, cancelling them. Should credit run low before a new card can be purchased Emergency Credit is push-button available and this is then deducted when the next card is inserted. The owner/property manager holds the stock of new cards and the cash from the sales of them. When the Kib Tek bill for the property arrives most, if not all of it will be covered by card sales. Tariffs can be programmed to take into account current charges and future increases.

These meters are British made and approved and they are supplied and fitted locally by well known and respected engineer Vaughan Williams who carries the 3-year warranty. Vaughan can be contacted at [email protected]

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