North Cyprus News Update | Gary Robb Ins and Outs

Unofficial reports are coming in of the release of felon Gary Robb in the RoC on Thursday, his immediate rearrest and deportation to the United Kingdom. Reports, also as yet unconfirmed, say that the North Cyprus police were looking for his Ethiopian born wife Aga aka Netsanet David. It is also reported that an order to sequestrate property of Mr Robb was given by the courts on Friday. It is not known if that sequestration is for property in North Cyprus or the United Kingdom. Hopefully both.

It is to be hoped that this heralds the start of a full and impartial enquiry into the Aga Development and its proven criminal fraud as detailed in the 18 page report from the U.K High Court, in North Cyprus. It will certainly do much to boost confidence among Gary Robb’s victims and the property sector generally if the Attorney General orders such an enquiry in North Cyprus.

Well known Advocates still practising, including Talat Kursat, are alleged to have conspired with Gary Robb and much detail of this appears in this report. It is important to note other well known Turkish Cypriots have been named in the Onay Belgesi (Approval of Company Incorporation) and clearly everyone ever involved in this company warrants investigation.

Power to the people


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