If DEPORTATION is the answer, then someone is asking the WRONG question

“WITHOUT  PREJUDICE International press report from LONDON

There was a press pack at Heathrow Airport today when a plane from North Cyprus landed.  Apparently on board was deportee from North Cyprus, she was refusing to leave the plane and had to be carried ‘screaming and kicking from it. The Press were amazed to see the writhing body of a 67 year old woman being manhandled from the plane.  During a hastily convened Press conference the woman explained she had been deported by the Govt of North Cyprus but a Bank was behind it.   They had influence within the Govt and had arranged for her deportation in an effort to silence her over their illegal actions in fraudulently acquiring her villa and those of many British ex pats on one site.  She said to her knowledge two other sites had been fraudulently mortgaged by this Bank too.   A friend of hers then stepped up with a length of chain and a padlock.  When asked what this was for, she told the Press pack to follow here to the TRNC office and witness her chaining herself to this office, where she would remain on hunger strike until she achieved victory.   She also gave details of her plan to lodge a case with the EHCR citing this and many lother actions with North Cyprus where her Human Rights had been violated.”  A fairy story, or is it?

If DEPORTATION is the answer, then someone is asking the WRONG question.”

This short story is the winner of the NCFP 2011 Short Story Competition

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