Fish and Chips to Fry For | Hillside, Alsancak, North Cyprus

I chose to eat at Hillside Restaurant and Bar in Alsancak just because it said fish and chips outside and it was Friday and it was a bit late. I ordered two drink, two fish and chips and waited for the order to arrive. When it did the first thing that struck me was the size of the portions. My wife struggled but I helped her.

I tucked into the chips first. Wow! Good chips are good start but superb chips as they were at Hillside are something else. They were crisp and not oily. They were delicious! Then the batter. That was equally out of this world. The fish didn’t disappoint nor did the mushy peas, everything was perfect. The waiter then dropped the bombshell. As it was Friday, fish and chips plus a drink was 20TL, on other days fish and chips only are 18TL.

I highly recommend fish and chips at Hillside Restaurant and Bar!

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