Strict Control of Hairdressing | Construction Industry Anarchy – it’s the TRNC

It was the way the inspectors took control of the newly opened hairdressers while I waited to be attended to that surprised me the most. There had been a complaint was the reason they gave but the impression was that the classy setup had put a competitor’s nose out of joint. A competitor with powerful connections perhaps?

It got me thinking about the construction industry and the property anarchy we see all around us. Builders whose newly built properties already have huge cracks in them or are falling into precipices the planning office must have thought a suitable location for a villa. Lawyers who had allowed mortgages on properties to go unreported to clients who were obviously less important than the estate agent of builder who had referred the hapless victim to them. Estate agents who fail to warn buyers that a property is next to a military base or has a pre-1974 title reserved for non-foreigners. Somehow all these got past the inspectors who possibly are too busy helping friends shut down top class establishments run by highly qualified professionals. Amazing isn’t it? No, it’s the TRNC.


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