A Sense of Right and Wrong by Cynthia Ickle

I wonder how many people reading the Leisure pages of Cyprus Today laughed out loud at the sight of Oscar, a bulldog, acting as Best Man for Firat Yildirim and Harriette Skinner at their wedding ceremony.

Well I daresay the many buyers who have been badly let down by Boyut Construction were not laughing, especially when they read that Firat and Harriette had a reception for around 250 people the night after their wedding on the roof terrace at none other than The Colony Hotel!   How much would that have cost?  Not only that, where did Firat and Harriette find the money for such a lavish reception?

It must have been upsetting, if not extremely irritating, for those people who bought from Boyut Construction, and trusted Firat, to read about Firat and Harriette’s extravagant function, especially those in fear of losing their houses as the land their properties are built on is heavily mortgaged, let alone those buyers on other unfinished Harmony Developments who have to put up with the fact their homes and infrastructure are still not satisfactorily completed and as Boyut Construction allegedly have no money are unlikely to ever be, unless the homeowners themselves complete everything at their own cost.

Why too advertise the fact that Firat runs Girne’s Old Grapevine bar and restaurant and Harriette works there?  Now that I know this, I for one will not be frequenting that establishment any more – a shame as I enjoyed the fish and chips and jazz evenings there.

Do these people have no conscience at all?  If in doubt Firat this is the Encarta Dictionary definition of conscience ‘the sense of what is right and wrong that governs somebody’s thoughts and actions, urging him or her to do right rather than wrong’

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