Sunny Cyprus Internet close to crashing when air conditioning failed

Oh No, My Computer Craashed!Kyrenia’s Sunny Cyprus Internet recently had a close shave when their server room air conditioning failed and temperatures rose to levels close to causing a “crash”. The recommended optimum temperature for a server room is 21.5oC ± 0.5 and maximum temperature is 23oC, the current overnight temperature here, so when the air conditioned failed the situation became an emergency almost immediately.

Each server generates about 100w of heat and so in a multi server environment such as Sunny Cyprus, there was the added problem of there being the equivalent of a single bar electric fire turned on as well.

Fortunately, I am a  long term customer of Sunny Cyprus Internet and was able to came to the rescue and within 24 hours had supplied and installed a new energy efficient air conditioning system. If I hadn’t then all you Sunny Cyprus customers would have been swamping the phone lines complaining about your failed Internet, and the company’s customers would no doubt have made them the subject of a Cyprus44 thread telling everyone how unreliable they were.

Just another day in the life of Super Air-con Man, alias Vaughan Williams!

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