Let all the Greek Cypriots refugees return to the north if they want

Seems a crazy title, surely this is not something that Turkish Cypriot leader, Derviş Eroğlu, would allow? Well actually, yes. Although he may not be explicitly saying all refugees could return, according to his current proposals, I believe that all who wanted to, could return. He has said that he would be happy for 15% of the population of the north to be Greek Cypriot refugees. Taking Kyrenia as an example, with a current population of 50 000, this would mean 7 500 of the original refugees could return.

Hang on, though, only 3 000 Greek Cypriots used to live in Kyrenia and about half of them are dead! Now subtract from that the number who would actually want to live amongst a Turkish Cypriot majority and you’d probably whittle that figure down to 500, tops! Multiply that trend throughout the north and I think you’ll find that all the refugees that wanted to move north could do so.

OK, so they might want to return to their original property. Who knows with a bit of persuasion, cash or property in the south perhaps, the current occupant might be happy to co-operate in the return. So that’s it, with goodwill, most if not all of the refugees who want to return might be able to do so.

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