Cyprus Property Victims | Specialist Subject – Corruption in the TRNC


Cyprus Property Victims – Specialist Subject Corruption in the TRNC

As a victim of corruption in the property market, I feel almost like an expert on the subject.

Can you imagine, there I am in front of cameras as a contestant on Mastermind, when I am asked what my chosen specialist subject is, I reply “Corruption in the TRNC”. Well I guess 8 years of fighting the system does give me an inside knowledge of the subject.

What is more disturbing is that the corruption in the ROC, the south side of the island of Cyprus, is allegedly as bad if not worse and is often likened to a ‘mirror image’ of the north.

What is obvious is that on both sides of the island of Cyprus the corruption, cronyism and nepotism appears to continues aided and abetted by those who should know better, those charged with the protection of the victims of this incestuous trade.

Many of the victims speak out against it, but by and large are ignored or worse still, as I know from personal experience, attempts are made to silence them.  Some of these attempts lack finesse.

I found this blog from an online publication in the south which tries, as NCFP does, to keep those interested informed.

You can argue it is more of the same but after enduring this type of fraud for 10 years plus, would you not think  by now both Governments would be doing something constructive (forgive the pun ) to address this.

Both sides have a property sector on its knees, yet corruption allegedly continues as yesterday’s blog showed.  Are they just finding more ways to take your money and are these actions allegedly just rubber stamped by the courts?

The queues waiting for justice in Luxembourg and Strasbourg just get longer and longer, for sure as yet, Justice cannot be found on the island of Cyprus….either side of the divide.

Cyprus is now known by some as the Island of the Love of Money. Sad it is no longer the Island of Love.

Pauline Read

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