Cyprus Law | Legalised Theft

Cyprus Law | Legalised TheftWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Law – Legalised Theft

When you read about such actions as the north Cyprus authorities confiscating and keeping Police vehicles from the ROC that chased a road traffic offender into the north, probably unintentionally, you have to realise how petty some of the actions, by both sides are. What justification could they possibly have for keeping these vehicles for two years? I personally would be checking the mileage.

A Military Court, so very serious stuff…excuse me I just peed my pants again laughing. If they get any more childish they will end up back in the womb. ¹

Shades of Laura the laptop or what? Well no, I did not end up in court, not even a Military one. Come to think of it, neither Laura nor I were ever charged. I think Laura may well have a case for wrongful imprisonment, on the 14th October she will have been doing time for 4 years. I guess the ROC police will get their vehicles back pretty ‘speedily’ by comparison.

What a joke the whole legal system makes of itself.



Pauline Read

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