North Cyprus Property Victims | More Alleged Corruption

North Cyprus Property Victims - More Alleged CorruptionWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property Victims – More Alleged Corruption

We received this email from yet another reader alleging corruption in the TRNC Property Sector and the ineffectual legal process that they accuse of doing nothing to save the victims:

“Just briefly for information of other purchases of property. If there are any fools left !! We purchased a villa in 2007 through Donaghy and Heath and due to years of lies we were never able to move into out villa so we rented there till October 2014 before returning to the UK.
Meanwhile another villa owner bankrupted the company with, what we were told was a bogus claim and because the company had not applied to overturn the ruling we were told in court a week ago that the there was a 6 year rule and because no judgement had been reached in our case our villa was to be sold along with all the others and the money goes to the government !!
We were never told by our lawyer about the 6 year rule and all we got was the famous shoulder shrug, so goodbye to 70k and goodbye to the TRNC.” [Name and Address Withheld]

The words have not been changed as they tell the story we hear so often. We are currently trying to confirm whether this story is true but if it proves to be then it would be evidence of a clear violation of Human Rights rubber stamped by a Court system that would seem to be inept and a Government that just appears not to care. With stories such as this is it any wonder people leave the TRNC never to return?

Personally I recommend that until some of the promised legal changes involving the property sector are enacted, do not buy in Cyprus…north or south, it will damage your health and your wealth.

Pauline Read

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