Cyprus Problem | TRNC Doctors’ Union Joins EU Trade Union

Cyprus Problem - TRNC Doctors' Union Joins EU Trade UnionCyprus Problem – TRNC Doctors’ Union Joins EU Trade Union

Following the discussion on NCFP about the gradual recognition of the TRNC I thought I’d write about the piecemeal recognition of TRNC organisations by accredited EU organisations. In this case, the recognition of the Turkish Cypriot Doctor’s Union (KTTB) by the European Federation of Salaried Doctors (FEMS) where they have now become a full member. Interestingly, this was as a result of local doctors’ pay being downgraded from an average of 1800 Euros per month down to 1100 Euros. Pity about the quality of their entry on the FEMS website.

“On the other hand government in north of cyprus is under the pressure of turkish government to make revisions about the payment of the doctors working for state . Recentlly doctors who is starting work at the government are getting about 3000 (about 1100 euros) turkish liras instead of the old ones getting 5000 ( 1800euros) turkishl liras so their starting payment has been reduced drastically almost the The level of begging Since the life is expensive in the north .” ¹

Another case of TRNC being accepted internationally is found in the membership of the World International Folklore Dance Festival Federation (FIDAF). Maybe only a small step but this means that local folk groups will now be seen throughout the world along with the publicity that brings.



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