Cyprus Law | Poll Result – a Long Drawn Out Process

Cyprus Law - Poll Result - a Long Drawn Out ProcessCyprus Law – Poll Result – a Long Drawn Out Process

A recent survey in the south, polling 370 lawyers and judges, found that 90% of these legal professionals believed that in civil cases the process took too long and 70% thought the same about criminal cases. Over 60% blamed lawyers. However, they seemed to shift the blame when over 90% seemed to think that electronic documents would correct the problem.

The south’s Bar Association chairman, Doros Ioannides, admitted that the problem “is huge” and that “the delays do not advance the justice institution.”

“We are living in an era of decline in the institutions, when everything is being questioned and we want to maintain the high standards justice enjoyed until today.”

On different issues, two thirds of these legal professionals were not satisfied with lawyer honesty and ethics. This is amazing, lawyers don’t trust lawyers! 74% believe that rules for civil procedure should be radically changed; 76% believe criminal procedures must also be modernised. 46% think that court decisions contained contradictions even though the facts were essentially the same.

Although this is only an indictment of the south’s legal system I somehow believe the north’s system would poll similarly or if it didn’t would highlight that layers there were economical with the truth, even in an anonymous poll.

As to the cause of this Cyprus problem, it’s obvious isn’t it; it’s all the fault of the British!

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