Cyprus Problem | Maraş/Varosha Lobby Campaign

Cyprus Law | Maraş / Varosha Belongs to Turkish CypriotsBritish Turkish Cypriot NGOs launch an informative lobby campaign concerning Maraş/Varosha in the UK Parliament

On Tuesday 10th February 2015 the British Turkish Cypriot Association & Southwark Turkish Cypriot Association, both members of the Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (UK), jointly hosted three events on the issue of ownership of Maraş/Varosha.

A synopsis of the subject matter presented is as follows:

The issue of ownership of Maraş/Varosha is no longer a local issue. In addition to being the most important dispute of the Cyprus problem, this controversial town has also become a major international issue. The aim of the conference is to shed light on land and property issues in Cyprus and to determine the lawful property ownership rights in the resort town of Famagusta within a legal and historical perspective. As such, the ownership assessment shall be based on locally and internationally recognised legal documents. The centre of discussion shall be the Evkaf Foundation, the greatest landowner of Cyprus. The Evkaf Foundation, a member of Brussels-based European Foundation Centre, is a constitutionally acknowledged philanthropic organization founded in the year 1571. According to constitutional and legal provisions in force since 1571, no one can acquire the ownership of Foundation immovable properties under any pretext or on any ground. The Laws of Cyprus confirm that foundations are irrevocable, perpetual, inalienable and to be compensated for loss of revenue.

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9 comments to Cyprus Problem | Maraş/Varosha Lobby Campaign

  • Miltiades

    1571 ? Wasn’t this the year that the Ottomans invaded Cyprus and first set foot on the island ??

  • AM

    And who did the Greeks carpetbag the Island from ?

    Or did they build it themselves 🙂

  • Miltiades

    The Greeks, stupid, arrived in Cyprus around 3500 years ago. Hence the predominant influence in Cyprus. The Ottomans invaded Cyprus in 1571, Varosia,Famagusta, was already where it now is, Salamis ancient is also where it always was.
    Hey stupid, have you had your weekly bath yet?

  • AM

    Answer the question ……plonker

  • Miltiades

    Do some research you moron, here is a starter:
    The Bronze Age (c. 2500 BCE to 1050 BCE), was both a time of growth and foreign occupation for Cyprus. After the end of the war with Troy and due to the Dorian invasion in Greece, the Mycenaean Greeks started permanently settling on the island (c. 1100 BCE). There were ten coastal Mycenaean kingdoms on the island. It was then that the Cypriots started feeling more Greek and adopted the Greek language and religion.

  • AM

    So, you nicked it from the Anatolians in the early bronze age then ?

  • They sure did, AM :-

    “The Early Bronze Age.
    The new era was introduced by people from Anatolia who came to Cyprus about 2400 BC…. ”
    and :-
    “In the ensuing Early Iron Age (1050 – 525 BC), Cyprus becomes predominantly Greek….”

    Have a read of this, Milti – it might help you brush up on your ancient history a bit:-

  • Ian Edwards

    Oh my god, Yiannis! Your favourite Anatolian peasants?

    You stole the island from Anatolian peasants??


  • AM

    Now go and get your weekly bath you uncouth Sun reading carpetbagger.

    🙂 🙂