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Cyprus Problem | Corruption IndexThe Kibris Postasi newspaper (13.02.15) reports that the US Secretary for Defense’s spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Vanessa Hillman, said they were aware of the possibility of Russia building an air base in south Cyprus but said that the relations between the two countries were based on long military, economic and cultural ties. However, she said, if a change in the relationship comes about then the US would be assessing these effects.

The south appear to be playing a dangerous game in order to influence their position in the Middle East and avoid bankruptcy. You have to be careful when you chose who your friends are. The 2014 Corruption Index ranked the south as 31st, a creditable position with UK  at 14th and the US at 17th. However, the south’s two ‘best friends,’ Greece and Russia, rank 69th and 136th out of the 174 countries involved. Compared to Turkey’s 64th rank the south’s friends appear to be worth avoiding.

Think about it, if the island were to unite then the north too would take on the south’s best friends. Not an attractive proposition.

Source: Corruption Index

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