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emile zola

Emile Zola – Letter to the President of the Republic – I accuse!

I do not for one second think I can emulate this man, least of all because I am a woman, but here goes:

Letter to the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Dear Sir,

I accuse you of not caring about the welfare and the well being of your guests and indeed some of your citizens in your country.

You and your predecessors have allowed the situation which brings shame and dishonour to your country to go unaddressed for at least the last decade.

I am of course referring to the Property Fraud Scams that so blight the history of your beautiful country.

I do not intend to cite one particular case, there are so many. What I would like to highlight is the fact that whilst we the victims are being ignored, your country is being harmed by such a situation.

The ones getting rich on the backs of the victims are the legal profession. Those who did such a bad job initially are now profiting from their incompetence. Those who were badly served by them and allowed to buy properties with no duty of care applied are now expected to foot the bill for their incompetence.

It is not fair, it is not right and it is intolerable.

The time for you, as leader, to pick up the mantle is now. The time for talk is long gone, the time for action is upon you.

Yours faithfully,

Pauline Ann Read

Do not forget our moving in party on the 5th April 2015

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