Cyprus Problem | Greek Cypriots Upset By Those Betraying 'The Republic'

Cyprus Problem - Greek Cypriots Upset By Those Betraying The RepublicAccording to Cyprus Mail (6.7.2019) there have been two incidents of individuals ‘betraying the Republic of Cyprus’. One incident was as a result of an article published by one of Cyprus Mail’s own reporters.

Firstly, Greek singer Anastasia Kalogeropoulou was reported to have actually sung to Greek Cypriot gamblers in a North Cyprus casino. The response was furious, and she was accused of having supported Turkey in doing so. Her response was simple, she was taking money from North Cyprus whereas the Greek Cypriots were financing Turkey by gambling there.

Secondly, the Cyprus Mail reporter Christos Panayiotides was accused of probably a far worse crime against ‘The Republic’. In an article about the missile falling on North Cyprus he quoted the original Reuters source without making the changes required by ‘The Republic’. His crime was to leave unchanged as ‘Tashkent’ the name of the village where the missile fell. This is the Turkish name for the Greek Cypriot named village, Vouno. He could have saved the day by adding pseudo to the Turkish name, ‘pseudo-Tashkent’ but he failed in his duty as a member of ‘The Republic’.

What will happen to him is unknown but hopefully such incidents will never happen again particularly as it looks as if ‘The Republic’ is set to cancel the subsidy that the ‘Cyprus Mail’ receives.

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