Cyprus News | Cyprus Today | 6th July 2019

Cyprus News - Cyprus Today - 6th July 2019Cyprus News | Cyprus Today | 6th July 2019

Today’s edition has fake news about fake news and yet another road fatality and other stuff too.


FALSE’ MISSILE STORIES BLASTED AMID FEAR THEY COULD SCARE VISITORS ROCKET FOR MEDIA ‘LIES’ – TOURISM bosses have slammed false UK media reports claiming that a stray Syrian launched missile crashed close to a North Cyprus area “popular with British holidaymakers”.

Remnants of the Russian made S-200 missile plunged into south-facing mountain foothills during the early hours of Monday, causing no casualties or damage, although the sound of it exploding in mid-air was heard for miles around.

Teenager, 16th to die on the roads, third in one week – A FIFTEEN-year-old boy being driven by an unlicensed fellow teenager became the 16th person to die on TRNC roads so far this year — and the third in the last week — when their car left the road and overturned.

Hasan Kusetoğulları suffered fatal injuries in the crash at 10pm on Wednesday on the İnönü-Nergisli road near Gazimağusa and died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

Biologist joins locals in opposing Karaman building – Önder Gülkan (right) died when his car left the MutluyakaMormenekşe road

A LEADING environmentalist has joined local residents in opposing the clearance of virgin forestland for building development above Karaman village.

Opponents of the approved plan to build a house on the freehold land welcomed a move by Girne Municipality, reported by Cyprus Today last week, to stop heavy vehicles getting to the site by driving through narrow roads of the mountainside community.

Nothing much else…

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