North Cyprus Property Victims Made Homeless | Incesu Homes Demolished

North Cyprus Property Victims Made Homeless | Incesu Homes DemolishedTen years ago a series of emails were published by NCFP detailing the plight of North Cyprus home buyers on a development in Incesu. Two years later, in 2011, another article was published after the owner of the land, Hasan Sungur, suggested a solution to the problem which was rejected as being too risky. Again two years later, in 2013, the situation was reviewed.

One of the victims of this fiasco, Catherine Meddes, has now updated us and warned potential home buyers about buying in North Cyprus:

‘The practice in North Cyprus is to build dummy estates, get people to pay the money as they think the properties are going to get finished. But in Truth there is no structure/foundations, no concrete under the terraces or the stairs, no access to the car port by car, Properties do not comply with the sales data. Once you have paid all the staged payments they then leave the site so the estate never gets finished. Also they do not sign the land registry over to the buyer so that once the homes are demolished they still own the land and can sell it again. This is what happened to 8 British families at Incesu Alsancak. The company involved was: |Hasan Sungur Group of Companies including BEYLERBEI EMLAK LTD. Mehmet Sungur was the Architect and a partner. Cafer Yucelgazi was the Builder (now director of Lanes Emlek Estate Agents) Advocate Mustafa Sener and wife Ayan. Dengiz Kursat of Remax and Avertiss sold the properties (he was Vice Chairman of the Estate Agents Union when Hasan Sungur was the President). After waiting for our homes for 12 years, Hasan Sungur sold the land to a developer who demolished our homes and left us penniless.’


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