Cyprus Problem | Condemned Builders


Cyprus Problem – Condemned Builders

Whilst one of the Paphos elite builders faces the following charges in the ROC, those we all suspect should be charged with similar offences still walk free in north Cyprus.

“Police said they were investigating the four in connection with conspiracy to commit a felony; conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor; conspiracy to defraud; legalising revenues obtained from illicit activities; forgery and circulation of forged documents; abuse of power; willful misconduct and abuse of trust by a public officer; issuing of forged certificates by a public officer; securing a certificate under false pretences; and obtaining moneys under false pretences.”

Legalising revenues obtained from illicit activities“, is this a nice way of describing money laundering?

I do remember from my Paphos days that Aristo was one of the major builders alongside Leptos. How the mighty are fallen.

PROMINENT land developer Theodoros Aristodemou, was said to be too ill to be kept in custody and is allegedly in a Paphos hospital being treated for high blood pressure. His wife and two other member of his staff are allegedly in custody awaiting a court hearing.


Pauline Read

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