North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today – 20/9/2014

North Cyprus News | Cyprus Today - 1/3/2014North Cyprus News – Cyprus Today – 20/9/2014


Homes left dry after debts spat – in Lapta after the municipality argued that the water board and not the municipality should pay the 6m TL electricity debt. The power is back on now.

BRS examines citizenship bill – the draft bill has been translated and is available on the BRS website for all of us to comment on. The requirements for permanent residency and citizenship are not included. Editor: unless all this bureaucracy ends in a right to vote, I personally am not interested.

‘Water from Turkey will arrive in 70 working days’ – and it is expected to arrive in Lefkosa domestic taps in about 4-5 months.

Turkish PM urges Greek Cypriots to ‘help build peace’ – even if it means ‘shutting the island’s leaders in a room’ – Editor: and throw away the key?


Pool maintenance ‘not up to scratch’ – says owner of pool maintenance business. The reason is that the operatives are not qualified, says qualified owner of said business who is running a two day course to change this. He reminded those who rented out properties with pools that they should supply lifebelts and No Diving and depth notices. Editor: and a lifeguard to throw the belt to the swimmer in trouble?

‘Hero’ dies helping nightclub hostess – in double killing by AWOL soldier. Editor: p.7 in CT means the newspaper thinks this story is less important than the articles on the front page.

Families demonstrate for tougher traffic lawsEditor: a tougher driving test might also help.

Ex-CTA staff seek campaign support – these are the staff given baggage handling jobs at failing Cas. Seems they want Civil Service jobs now.

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