Veni Vici North Cyprus Charity Pasta Record Breaking Attempt

Veni Vici North Cyprus Charity Pasta Record Breaking AttemptVeni Vici North Cyprus Charity Pasta Record Breaking Attempt

Taken from tfrnorthcyprus this article supporting Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) is worth propagating. Pencil in Sunday 21st September for PASTA eating!

“The owners of Veni Vici Restaurant (Lapta), Richard and Nadine Muller, have wanted for sometime to organise an event for a local charity and have decided that Tulips will be the charity that benefits from this event, mainly because they have seen quite a few of their customers helped by Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).

Richard and Nadine decided that they needed a challenge and with this in mind they have come up with the idea of a 12 hour cooking marathon where they want to serve up a minimum of 500 pasta dishes (ideally 1,000 dishes is their target) between 11am and 11pm.  We are not sure whether there is a world record for this but if not maybe we can set a TRNC one!

All the staff will be donating their services for free that day and therefore they are able to charge only 15TL per dish with 10TL  of that going to Tulips.  To help them reach their target they are also offering a takeaway service if you don’t have time to stop and eat, so you will still be involved by taking your dinner home with you!  And of course you can always eat in and then take more away!

There will be 5 pasta dishes to choose from (one of which will be vegetarian) and a choice of 2 types of pasta.

Music will be provided in the evening by DJ Mike.

We need help to get as many people through the doors of the Veni Vici Restaurant as possible in order to help them achieve their challenge, maybe there are groups who would like to help Veni Vici, ie a bowling team, darts team etc.  If you do come either with friends or as a team, we will be taking photos to record the day.

Please come and support Veni Vici Restaurant on Sunday 21st September between 11.00am and 11.00pm in their challenge, it will be fun and we want them to succeed.  It is very easy to find their restaurant as it is at the beginning of the Lapta strip (coming from Girne) almost opposite the Haci Ali Hotel.

Thank you all,

Sue and Carole”

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