Celebrate April 23 – Turkish National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

Celebrate April 23 - Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's DayCELEBRATE APRIL 23 – TURKISH NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY & CHILDREN’S DAY
Recognize Turkish-Americans
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On April 23, Turkish-Americans and Turks around the world celebrate the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. This day marks the 93rd anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey which, under the guidance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, paved a way to the establishment of modern Turkish Republic. April 23 is also celebrated as Children’s Day, emphasizing the unique role of younger generations in the Turkish pursuit of peace, progress and prosperity.
Join the Pax Turcica campaign raising media awareness and calling upon your elected representatives to properly recognize the achievements of Turkey and of the Turkish-Americans by way of legislative resolutions and public statements ahead of April 23, 2013.
Please, make sure to select all your state and federal elected public officials in addition to 5 media targets from the list. Forward any responses received to [email protected] for further follow up.
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