Cyprus Bailout | South’s Cunning Plan Includes Casinos

Cyprus Bailout | South’s Cunning Plan Includes Casinos

The south’s swift knee jerk response to the impact of the bailout deposit levy includes making casinos legal, much to the disgust of the Orthodox Church. Although, perhaps gamblers from outside the country will be a little worried about how they get their winnings back home if the currency restrictions are still in place.

Another part of the south’s cunning plan seems to be to ask Greece for part of their bailout in the assumption that they didn’t really need it. Yet another part of the plan compels the south to ignore the principle of human rights and equality by forcing businesses to employ Cypriots over foreigners. So, if a business has more than 30% non-Cypriot staff then they will have to replace the foreigners with locals, whether or not the foreigner is the best person for the job.

I can see why the south believes the place is going to be so much more wonderful in the future, not!

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