RoC Bailout No Longer Needed | Code F001 Story

RoC Bailout No Longer Needed | Code F001 Story

In the light of so much adverse publicity regarding loans and flight of capital from the south’s beleaguered banks, there are stories coming in of an unprecedented influx of funds from Switzerland, the  Caymans, Azerbaijan  and Lichtenstein. So much that the mere 5.8 Billion the Island needed to provide, for the conditions of the bailout, has been exceeded 5 times over.

A bank spokesman who requested to remain anonymous, stated that they were having to employ extra staff to cope with the influx. But insisted that things would be back to normal as soon as things calmed down a bit.

A government spokesman was reticent on the subject of personal losses but insisted that deposits were now safe. On clarification he corrected his statement to his family’s deposits are safe.

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