North Cyprus Property | What a Difference a Year Makes – Nothing!


North Cyprus Property | What a Difference a Year Makes – Nothing!

It seems incredible that a whole year has passed since the publication of the Judge’s findings in the UK case where SOCA were vindicated for intercepting funds between the TRNC and Thailand, funds destined for the Thailand Bank account of one Gary John Robb.

Nothing has moved forward with regard to Robb(er)’s victims gaining justice and very little now seems to be heard about this in the press.

Ironic that this appeared on 1st April last year and definitely was not a joke:

UK’s SOCA notes Talat Kurşat involvement with Gary Robb cash
Sunday, April 1, 2012 – by O B Joyful

Below is just a couple of paragraphs from an 18 page document. The law firm Talat Kurşat come out smelling of something and it is not roses, although the application of what it does smell like might well assist the roses in their growth. The full 18 pages are available on line.

“In February 2005 UNWINS’ agency was determined and collection of deposits and stage payments was taken over by TALAT KURSAT, the defendant’s lawyer (ALSO AKFINANS LAWYER AND AUTHOR OF ARTICLE IN HALKIN SESI 2nd Mart 2012). Investor disquiet began to express itself increasingly from about April 2005, the month in which the first many inhibition orders (the TRNC equivalent of injunctions) were granted against AGA and/or the defendant. In March an incentive scheme was offered to Hz Omer buyers under which those who paid in full in advance (omg, did anyone fall for this?) would be guaranteed completion of their homes within three months. In April a second incentive scheme offering a 10% reduction for cash purchasers was introduced and offered also to Amaranta buyers.”

“Between April and July very large sums of investor money, says SOCA, were transferred by the defendant’s lawyer TALAT KURSAT into a personal account of the defendant in the TRNC account 1 and also in Thailand.”

Now let us fast forward to the present day and the tale of Kulaksiz 5, incredible isn’t it that the same lawyers are involved in this case. Is this a case of ‘coincidence’ or a pattern where this firm is concerned? We know from the ever changing website of this firm that they have been caught out in claims of false memberships. Strange we never saw the claim ‘former shareholder in Aga or, former legal representative of Gary Robb’.

In light of this case and the very real accusation that their now client knew about the situation with regard ownership at Kulaksiz 5 villas but still went ahead and put mortgages of £1,600 and 100,000 lira on properties no longer belonging to their borrowers, applied an interest rate far beyond the ability of anyone to repay 250% later changed to 80% per quarter compound, would at least merit a full and thorough investigation by the TRNC Fraud Squad. Maybe SOCA could be prevailed upon to conduct the investigation?

I call upon the Attorney General of the TRNC, Mr. ASKAN ILGEN, to order a full and thorough investigation into the Kulaksiz 5 situation, to use impartial and trustworthy officers in this investigation. I believe the late Mr. Denktas also felt that this action should be taken by the Attorney General too. This is not just an idle guess based on the fact that Mr. Denktas is unable to deny it, but then the Attorney General is aware of the former Mr.Denktas’s concerns too.



If you click on to the link in blue, you can read the 18 page document that came out as a result of this case from the Old Bailey.

Robb spread misery in the Kyrenia area of Cyprus, perhaps the most famous of his scams being Amaranta Valley where, out of an estimated 250 villas which were planned and sold, only one was ever completed, the rest being at various stages of build and decay.

Hz Omer is another site where although it is rumoured some have received title, most have not. Another small site at Karmi is still causing heartache for its purchasers.

Robb did not act alone in these alleged frauds, Turkish Cypriots added and abetted him in the commission of these alleged frauds and still walk free today, able to ply their trade, not least of all his fellow shareholder.

Will this saga of greed and dishonesty ever cease to be a blemish on north Cyprus, will any of the property scams.

O B Joyful

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