NCFP Wednesday World News – 19/10/2011

Pee in a Bag

The Dutch national railway have introduced plastic bags to use as emergency toilets. If you need one during a journey on a train without a toilet then you have to ask the conductor. Where the passengers will actually relieve themselves is not clear but perhaps they’ll be a special toilet room with a wash basin.


London Olympics’ Paving Slab Energy

Energy producing paving slabs are being laid between London’s Olympic stadium and the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre. The energy produced by walking on the slabs will be used to light the area. Only 20 have been produced.


Bob Dylan has taken up Playing the Bagpipes

It seems that he has an attachment to things Scottish and says that Robert Burns is a big influence on his lyrics. He also has an honorary degree from St Andrews University so I guess he’s almost Scottish.


World Scrabble Championship Player Accused of Hiding the Letter “G”

A Scrabble player demanded that his opponent was strip searched because he believed he was hiding the letter “G” which went missing during a game. The player said he needed a “P” and left the room.


Biker in Switzerland Breaks Speed Limit After Accident

A biker was thrown from his motorbike after an accident and entered a 50mph zone while travelling at 67mph. The speed cameras were not able to measure the speed of the bike as it was scraping along the road at the time and so they fined him on the basis of the speed of his body.

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