NCFP Cyprus Property Problem Google Map

NCFP have decided to collate information concerning Cyprus properties with problems (North & South) and put them onto an interactive Google Map where you can click on an icon and find information about it and even obtain directions to the problem.

To add a property problem follow these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Find the location of the problem on the map, probably using satellite view, e.g. Incesu Property problem
  3. Right click the location of the problem and choose “What’s Here?”
  4. You’ll now have a red “A” marker and a number to the right of the Google icon, e,g 35.332501,33.209201
  5. Copy this number and paste it in a comment along with the information you’d like included on the NCFP Property Problem Map. E.g. builder, landowner, advocate and even add a link to any website you want people to read

Property problems can be located by looking for the icon below

North Cyprus Property Problem

The “Property Problem” button in the top left corner of  NCFP.

Cyprus Property Problems

View North Cyprus in a larger map

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