TRNC Minister of Finance offered Kulaksiz 5 help while Director of Akfinans Bank

Life is somewhat of a gamble and sometimes you do find the Joker being played against you.
Why you might wonder have I brought back this particular article about GAK TV and the extraordinary lengths we had to go to for me to be allowed to appear on this programme on the eve of the Auction of the Kulaksiz 5 homes.
I was informed that Kanal T, the station it is aired on, was owned by Mr. Ersin Tatar the Minister of Finance and that Akfinans Bank Limited had applied significant pressure to stop anyone from Kulaksiz 5 from appearing on this programme.  If you read, or reread (for many of you) the article, you will see they almost succeeded.  It was only the determination of a good friend, a London Turkish Cypriot who just would not take NO for an answer that at the 11th hour, I was allowed to appear.
Now why would someone who allegedly owned the TV Station and held high office in Government, even consider not airing a hugely topical news item on a TV programme famed for its investigative probing into all news and all things deemed to be controversial?  There could not possibly be a connection then, or in the past, between the Bank and the Minister, could there?
Oh yes, there could and indeed maybe there was. I go back to my remark about gambling.  For reasons I will not go into, and quite by chance, lady luck dealt me an Ace quite recently.
I know K5 have liaised with the Minister of Finance and sought his help on a number of occasions.  I personally have not met with the gentleman but by the reports coming back from other members, he appeared to be very sympathetic to the plight of the Kulaksiz 5 and very encouraging of our efforts to fight the Bank for our rights to retain ownership of our homes. Indeed from what I can gather, he felt he could help at one stage.   We all remember the newspaper carrying reports of his alleged iniative with the Five Wisemen Committee.
Imagine then, when I look at this ACE dealt to me:
No : MSO5892   DATED 17/02/2009.     ONAY  BELGESI for  AKFINANS BANK  LTD.
This gives a full register of all Directors, Shareholders and the Secretary of the Bank at that time.   It is a document that is available to anyone at the Turkish Cypriot equivalent of Company’s House.
So what, you might say, every Bank has Shareholders and Directors.   Yes indeed, that is right and proper.  The real shock for me came when I looked at that list of Directors because ERSIN TATAR appeared on that list, as does Hasan Hasipoglu allegedly of the law firm thought to have conducted conveyancing for member(s) of Kulaksiz 5.   NO conflict of interest there then.
I have no problem with either of these gentlemen being Directors of the Bank.   I have no idea if these gentlemen are still Directors or if they resigned their Directorships, and if they did, when?   My problem comes from not knowing at the time they were and why any potential conflict was not declared to any of us, either as someone requesting help or indeed as a client.
TRNC is a wonderful country and I love living here.  It is however a minefield and knowing who is related to who, and whether you are getting totally unbiased opinions, is difficult if not impossible.
What I do find most diffictult to understand is how a future Minister of Finance could ever condone the sort of interest rates applied to the mortgages taken out by Messrs Guney and Yilmaz and how he could remain on the Board of the Bank knowing this.  Indeed how a Bank with such illustrious Directors ever went down the route of giving mortgages on property already sold to innocent victims;  to two such unsavoury characters, it was always a dodgy deal and the end result was always predictable.

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