Turkey’s President Erdogan Gets To Rerun the Istanbul Elections

Turkey's President Erdogan Gets To Rerun the Istanbul ElectionsTurkey’s President Erdogan has managed to void the results of the Istanbul election, where he lost to his opposition. After heavy pressure from President Erdogan’s AKP Party, Turkish authorities decided that there was probably fraud involved, despite no evidence being offered, and so the election had to be rerun – probably until President Erdogan’s Party won.

The Turkish authorities overturned the election results on a technicality, arguing that some of those who served on election boards in the city were not civil servants. Opposition leader, Mr Imamoglu, while addressing a crowd of supporters, responded defiantly:

“With the same election rules, a president has been elected, a referendum has been held, so there is also uncertainty over the Constitution and the President’s position.”

“We won this election by the hard work of millions of people; they attempted to steal our rightfully won elections,” he said. “We are thirsty for justice. The decision-makers in this country may be in a state unawareness, error or even treason, but we will never give up.”

I imagine that the opposition leader’s accusation that President Erdogan was ‘stealing’ the election will count as treason and that he will be banned from the next election. Watch out for all sorts of strange happenings over the next few months leading up to the election.

The Turkish Lira plummeted and once again you could buy 8 TL or more for around £1, if you were foolish enough to risk it.

So what implications does this have for North Cyprus, where ‘Turkish authorities’ are working hard to control the government and local businesses and to suppress any criticism of these actions? What, indeeed!

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