North Cyprus News | Introducing Disc Golf

North Cyprus News – Introducing Disc Golf

I am in the process in introducing Disc Golf to North Cyprus, a first for the whole of the island of Cyprus. Since the 1970’s Disc Golf has become one of the world’s fastest growing sports with 34 countries, 3,200 courses worldwide with over 100,000 players taking part in tournaments. The sport has the same rules as ball golf and is played by all ages for fun and recreation and also at amateur and professional levels.

I am currently awaiting meetings with government ministries of sport and tourism, I am confident that Disc Golf will be popular here in North Cyprus with expats, locals, and tourists. This is a environmentally friendly sport and very affordable.

I have the support of the Professional Disc Golf Association PDGA USA and also The British Disc Golf Association.

I am looking for maximum media exposure to promote the sport.

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Or contact John Nolan at [email protected]

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