Opinion | UK ‘Gagging Bill’ Success

Opinion – UK ‘Gagging Bill’ Success

Campaign groups work, it seems! The government wouldn’t listen about the Gagging Bill (so called); so many charities and campaign groups have been in uproar over it – it was supposed to stop or curtail corporate lobbying of ministers; but it did virtually nothing about that; however, it sought to castrate any form of organised campaigning, and also to castrate the Labour Party (what price democracy, eh? ) Well, worth reading this piece in the link below.

This has to be the most crap government in two centuries or more!!! Never before have so many been upset so comprehensively by so few in so short a period….. I have signed each of the petitions from 38 Degrees. I don’t agree with everything any government does; but democracy is vital, and no-one should be silenced for political gain – especially in the underhand way this government seeks to do it.


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