North Cyprus Property Victims | The Man at the Top’s Fault

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North Cyprus Property Victims – The Man at the Top’s Fault

The truth is often a casualty when a major event occurs anywhere. The property scams in north Cyprus are a major event in the lives of each and every victim, but we refuse to allow the truth to be a casualty. The truth is, the blame lies firmly on the desk of the man at the top in north Cyprus. That man may change due to elections, but make no mistake the blame belongs on that desk, regardless of the man sitting at it.

We are told we must rely on the courts to put things right. Oh really….well that is a cop out since the law is not robust and is not always interpreted in the correct way. Many have seen this. How in the 21st century can it be considered lawful to allow a former landowner to mortgage the land he has sold? We are told that yes, it is lawful….well then the law is at fault surely and it is incumbent on the man at the top to do something about it. The press is being gagged and you have to ask why the man at the top allows this?

I do not really care who gave/sold citizenship to Gary Robb, the fact is it happened and the blame lies on the desk of the man at the top. If you do not know what is happening in the country where you have the honour of being the man at the top, then do you deserve that honour? The result of this deplorable event is that hundreds of victims of all nationalities were right royally ripped off by Gary Robb and his partners in crime.

Gary Robb claims to be a victim too, well why then is there a recording in the public domain in which he is clearly heard to be telling his colleagues to get Akan to call in the outstanding money or cancel the Contracts. Does that sound like the actions of a victim….or a villain? Rhetorical question. Yes I do have a copy of that DVD which has been deposited in a safe place. The Aga Saga is just one of the many scams and we have no illusions that had the building industry been properly regulated and policed, if the Advocates had had a clear guide line, if the government departments had acted in a correct and proper manner, this could not have happened.

As I have said, the man at the top has to accept blame and trying to push the blame on his predecessors will not wash. Of course the dishonesty come from all nationalities, including home grown fraudsters, but it happened in north Cyprus, so saying it also happens everywhere else does not wash. For the sake of all the honest people in north Cyprus, someone has to pick up the cudgel and knock this country back into shape. The people of north Cyprus deserve a better future.

Pauline Ann Read

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