North Cyprus News | Fire in Alsancak

North Cyprus News | Fire in Alsancak

I have spent a lot of this afternoon watching from my patio a helicopter picking up water from the sea and dropping it onto what looked like a goodly sized fire. It seemed to be about one mountain range away.

I hope Hans will forgive me for using a couple of his excellent photos. He lives very close to the fire.

Thank God it is now under control, I have not seen the helicopter for a while and the fire fighters on the ground have it all under control. One thing that concerns me is that the wind is picking up as I type. I am sure they will be taking this into account.

Agile has taken a car ride to make sure a certain person’s home is safe. Since I now know the fire was in the Alsancak area, I guess he has stopped off for one or three.

Electricity, which went off just after the fire started is still off so I guess this is the last epistle from me for a while. Damn and blast, I am stuck here, Agile has the car.

Pauline Read

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