North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Amaranta Auction

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Amaranta AuctionWITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus Property | Gary Robb Amaranta Auction

Nothing much changes. Never has such a man been given such a free hand in robb(ing) his countrymen, some of them pensioners, some just wanting an investment in the sun. Where was the protection they had the right to expect? Many had no idea that the owner/director was a wanted felon on the run from British police, why would they? Most had never even contemplated that a country would give Citizenship to a felon on the run.

So who is to blame, the villain or the facilitator? Where was the protection that investors in a foreign country had the right to expect from the host country which actively encouraged them to buy in their country? There was none for the victims, but for twelve, yes 12 years there was every protection afforded the villain.

“International political implications as a result of Garry Robbs fleeing the occupied areas with millions of dollars from usurped Greek Cypriot properties.Turkish Cypriot daily VOLKAN newspaper (20/10/05) publishes a follow-up reportage to the scandal involving the British estate agent Garry Robb, who fled to Taiwan, after transferring millions of pounds sterling to HSBC Bank in Bangkok, Thailand, from the advance payments by British buyers of properties belonging to Greek Cypriots in occupied Cyprus.

Under the title Tens of more injunctions against Talat Kursal and Garry Robb, the paper publishes statements by Turkish Cypriot lawyer Mentes Aziz, who said that on behalf of certain foreigners who bought houses from Aga Development Ltd he secured injunctions from the Kyrenia District Court against Garry Robb, Garry Robbs solicitor Talat Kursat, who is Director of Aga Finans, Aga Development and Trading Ltd, Aga Finans and Tahir Soycan.”

The paper goes on:

“The panic which started in the construction sector after the fleeing to Taiwan of Garry Robb, major shareholder in the Aga Development who transferred into private accounts in Bangkok, millions of pounds sterling of the company, from which 500 foreigners bought a house, has started to shake the whole construction sector. Companies which are owed hundreds of thousands of sterling from Aga Development are in a great panic. Many foreigners, who were panicked after their instalments were at risk, have started to apply to their solicitors and secure injunction.”

Finally, the paper reports that the police and Attorney-General’s office are investigating the sources of the bank deposits of Gary Robb’s lawyer Talat Kursat and how many millions of pounds sterling were transferred by Gary Robb to his accounts abroad.

Under the title ‘you have to ask the intelligence about Garry Robb’, the main editorial in the Letter from AFRIKA column in the Turkish Cypriot daily AFRIKA newspaper (20.10.05) writes:

“The problem of the citizen who called the paper was serious. He had 30 thousand Pound Sterling being finched by Garry Robb. When he had learned that Garry Robb finched the money and landed in Taiwan he went suddenly pale in the face.

He lost his head and became bewildered.

He is asking us:

Will the state reimburse this money to me if I ask for it?

This is our citizens logic He thinks that the state is the guarantor for Robb.

Who is this Garry Robb? The last miracle of the TRNC!

He left Britain and came and settled in our country

He was engaged in under-the-counter dealings and made a wealth in the land of plunder and profiteering. He was arrested in Britain with his brother for narcotics smuggling but later on he was set free, because of lack of evidence. He then came and settled in the TRNC. His house in Kyrenia was spread with bullets twice. The Greek Cypriot side had issued arrest warrant because he had marketed the Greek Cypriot property left in the north.

He started constructing 500 dwellings in 16 different areas of the North Cyprus.

With his Turkish partners he made a lot of money. And last July, he had silently slipped away from here and fled with millions of embezzled Pound Sterlings, from his customers.

Now he is enjoying in the charming and seductive world of the Far East.

For Garry Robb, the north Cyprus was the most secure place for smuggling and profiteering. It was possible to engage in every kind of obscure dealings in this region where the security was provided by the Turkish troops.

Under the watchful eyes of the Turkish troops, gambling and prostitution are having their golden age.

Here is one of the unique and rare places for narcotics, human, cigarette and all kinds of smuggling.

On top of everything, the Interpols hand short to be effective here. Neither international law nor European Aquis could be imposed here. Turkish commanders were responsible for everything.

This land is not virgin, it is a piece of perverted land. Who knows, who are those who raped this land?

Who are those who licked the cream of this land? The antique smugglers

Such as Mancini and Bellazi. This land saw people like Murat Demirel, Gem Uzan, Topal Abdullah Caltli. All the gangsters and notorious gangs came and went from here in thirty years time.

They came for money laundering or smuggling or embezzling or plundering or land speculation. The Turkish Commanders who are responsible to maintain our security always watched these people from the distance.

What kind of security is this? The last swindlers name is Garry Robb.

He was TRNCs citizen for 12 years.

Who knows, whose egglaying chicken became a bird and flew away, under the nose of our glorious army?”

Look how old these stories are. Then try to find one, even one of the hundreds of innocents who have been recompensed for this abomination that was allowed to go on, totally un-policed and unsupervised for year, after year after year.

Now it seems the country must have their pound of flesh in the form of taxes owed by Mr Robb. So where do they look to get it from, by auctioning the houses of the already victimised.

I say to the temporary Government of the TRNC, no it did not happen on your watch, but shame on you if you sit back and watch on Sunday next when the Tapu are set to auction off the properties of innocents. A third attempt.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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