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News – Freedom in the World 2012 is a publication which details the political rights (PR) and civil rights (CR) of 207 countries and territories, including North Cyprus. These two rights are graded from 1-7, with a 1 being the best grade to achieve.

South Cyprus is a grade 1 country, North Cyprus and Greece grade 2 and Turkey grade 3. This means that while both the north and south of Cyprus and Greece are designated free countries, Turkey is seen as being only partially free. However, when compared to the 207 countries surveyed, Turkey was ranked 85th. For detractors of Turkey on NCFP, who criticize Turkey for its ‘poor’ human rights record, it would do well for them to put aside their bias when making sweeping, ill-informed, anti-Turkey statements.This is especially true for those in responsible positions of influence where their bias should be seen as unprofessional at the least and indicating they are puppets for propagandists at the worse, in my opinion.

It is no surprise to many that Russia and China are poorly rated and the south’s close ties with Russia could well be its undoing. Already dismay is being expressed at the financial links the south has with the Russian Mafia as reported here in NCFP and around the world.

Source: Freedom in the World 2012

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