North Cyprus Law | A Visit to Kyrenia Police Station


The much dreaded visit to the Police Station in Girne turned out to be a non-event.

Agile and I met up with my Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen outside the Police Station as arranged. Mehmet explained things to me and it was agreed that I would leave most of the talking to him, which as I speak no Turkish was readily agreed to by me.

Mehmet obviously knew exactly where to go and led Agile and I into the CID office where there were two staff on duty. Mehmet gave our reasons for being there to the officer sat at the first desk and he requested a copy of my passport, which I did not have with me. It was agreed that a copy of my Driving Licence would suffice. This officer said Mahmood, the officer who took the complaint against me from Ms. Pembe Aydogus, who is better known to me as Pembe Ibrahim, would be along shortly. I asked why they needed to have a copy of anything and my understanding was to identify me as the person who would receive the warning.

I do not know exactly what the conversation was about, between Mehmet and the officer who initially received us, but after a few minutes the officer who made the phone call for officer Mahmood to me at my home, came in.

Mehmet told me the conversation he had been having was about the article detailing the initial phone call to my home on NCFP and that it had been read by the officers. When Mehmet asked if the article was accurate, it was agreed that it was.

The officer acting for officer Mahmood asked me about texts to Ms Ibrahim and I explained that I had not made any and had not caused any to be made to her. He asked me about comments on FaceBook and I confirmed that I had not made any that were intimidatory or untrue. He then thanked me for coming and we left. I received no warning. Sadly, I did not get to meet Officer Mahmood.

I can confirm that at all times the Police officers treated me with courtesy and respect.

I am somewhat perturbed that without a shred of evidence I was summoned to the Police Station and I have to wonder, if I had been fool hardy enough to attend alone, would I have gotten out quite so quickly. I do know that I have done nothing wrong, neither I nor any one I know have been in direct contact with Ms Aydogus/Ibrahim and her complaint against me was untrue and unwarranted.

I would take this opportunity to confirm that both Agile and I have the greatest respect for her mother and her daughters and have never acted towards them in any way other than kindly. I would also like to point out that, to my knowledge, Ms Aydogus/Ibrahim has no legal qualifications that are recognised in the TRNC.

My Advocate Mehmet Kaptan Bensen was indeed a great asset to me on our visit to the Police Station and he dealt with the situation efficiently and professionally.

We stopped at the cafe alongside the Police Station to have a coffee and who should we see drive in to the Police Station… no prizes… Ms Pembe Aydogus/Ibrahim.


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