in Cyprus Star – 10/6/2011

Government tourism chief Ünal Üstel has jumped in the deep end – with two “pie in the sky” promises. First the tourism minister says he wants the new North Cyprus Airlines national carrier “up and running” within ten days. Minister Üstel says British citizens are keen to see the airline start flights. Üstel added that they will open an account for the former CTA workers to be paid, and some of them will be offered work for the new airline, while a solution will be found for the rest of the former employees. Secondly, the minister has announced charter flights will begin from Iran to the TRNC “in the coming days” – naming Sky airlines as the operator.

Founding TRNC President Rauf Denktaş is getting better – He is able to breathe without a respirator. He will receive treatment for his ‘weaker’ left side and is now in a better state of health and has not had any problems over the past six days.

Democratic Party leader Sedar Denktaş, has reacted angrily – to the suggestion that the TRNC becomes Turkey’s 82nd province by the Turkish Democracy Foundation – if embargoes imposed upon the country are not lifted. Denktaş said “The TRNC was not established for fun. The state will neither be a province nor a stooge” and added that he believed that even if there are problems in the country a government which is able to solve this can solve any problem.

Queen stripped – A vendetta may have caused police to empty the shelves of Queens bar on its busiest night. The three uniformed policemen stripped the bar of drinks in a licence “mix up” and then carted the protesting owner and his family off to Lapta Police station. It happened on Sunday when it had over 100 customers in there. The new owner is an 84 year old former TRNC policeman. The Police did not have the correct paperwork and did not take an inventory. Former owner Hakki had to give up the business because of a divorce from his former wife. The family claim a renewal licence under a new name was applied for two days before the raid but the man that stamps the paper at Girne police station “had had a day off” and no one else was able to approve it. The family are calling on the Turkish Ambassador to try to win his support over the affair. “I am expecting a licence to be issued this week” said Hakki “this whole business is not right.”


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