British Couple Stunned by Out-Dated TRNC Laws

Sue Harrison

A British Couple who retired to the TRNC with the intention of spending the bulk of their remaining lives there, have had their dreams shattered after a deportation order relating to an out-dated law has been upheld by the authorities in North Cyprus.

Trevor and Sue Harrison moved to the TRNC almost 3 years ago and as part of their application for a residency visa, they had to take a blood test. The results of the test turned their lives upside down as Sue Harrison was diagnosed with the Hepatitis C Virus – a development of which she was previously unaware. This was not a lifestyle choice, but the result of medical treatment in the 1970’when Hepatitis C was unknown.

The last 3 years have been particularly difficult for the Harrison’s.  After turning to the Embargoed! Human Rights Group for assistance, a legal expert almost brokered an arrangement with the assistance of Oya Talat, but this position was not followed through when the administration changed.

Despite the great news that after intensive treatment, Sue Harrison is now cured from Hepatitis C, the inflexibility of the TRNC laws were exposed when it was revealed to the Harrison’s that the deportation order was still valid. Embargoed! have again taken up the baton and have written to the TRNC London Representative urging a request by the TRNC MPs to enact the necessary amendment that will allow the Harrison’s to get their dream back on track.

Fevzi Hussein

Chair of the Embargoed! Human Rights Group, Fevzi Hussein commented “Unfortunately this is yet another example of negative PR for the TRNC. The Harrison’s have shown faith in the TRNC in their desire to spend their retirement in our beautiful country and yet the continuing failure to apply just a little bit of common sense is extremely disappointing. I would urge the government to put into place a fast-track process to bring the necessary laws up to date to ensure we see a happy ending to this unjustified scenario”.

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