Nethouse blocking websites in North Cyprus?

As you know, a few weeks ago NCFP was attacked by sources unknown. NCFP website was moved to a dedicated server and the other websites that the editor runs were moved away from Hostmonster to another provider. Well, until recently he thought that was the end of the matter until a few people contacted him saying that his other websites were unavailable.

At first he thought this was a problem with their PC but as more people emailed to point out the problem he began to realise that these people were all in North Cyprus and more suspiciously the problem seemed to be confined to those using Nethouse as an internet provider.

To that end, we’d like you to test these website to see if you can reach them and if you can’t to comment below and tell us which internet provider you are using. Hopefully the problem will have been sorted out in the next 24hrs.

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