What a load of bankers!

Don’t you just love it when you read a story about a Bank being less than diligent in their security. It seems that a branch of Barclays Bank in the U.K. was left unlocked; this happened at the Leigh on Sea Branch in Essex.

Oh what fun we could have if it happened in North Cyprus. Let’s say hypothetically at the Girne Branch of Slakfinans Bank Limited (name changed to protect the innocent). Of course, this is a very unlikely event since even the villas they repossess by whatever means have a high level of security. It is reported that there are 5 (yes five) security cameras on the villa which, until they either obtain a court sanctioned Eviction Notice or she receives her Court Award, allegedly still legally belongs to the purchaser. With the security this Bank enjoys, the allegedly prompt attention given by the Police to their every request, I personally cannot see this hypothetical bank ever having a security problem.

Yesterday there was a report of a monkey in a tree on the Kulaksiz 5 site in Democrasi Sokak, Karşiyaka. You will all be relieved to know that the monkey has now been returned to its place of work as mortgage manager. The relieved employers are quoted as saying that: “following amicable negotiations the monkey has been awarded a pay increase and after every successful repossession will receive a bonus of twenty bananas.”

I think Barclays Bank might like to send some of their personnel to North Cyprus to this Bank for staff training.

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