Cyprus 44 | North Cyprus Free Press is not a Forum but…

I’m sure that Malcolm won’t mind me saying this, and I know he has no interest in running a forum, but NCFP can be used by ex-C44 members who want to discuss issues important to them. It would take a little bit more work from them but by them publishing an article first and then allowing comments for 7 days these issues could be discussed and views exchanged.

For example, currently C44 members are unable to discuss the closing down of Cyprus 44 on that forum because new threads and comments are not allowed. However, there is a thread open here and discussion is open.

If in the future you want to introduce a new topic then either email it to me via the Contact Page or just make it clear in a comment that you would like to have an article published which comments can be added to or perhaps you just want to advertise an event. It doesn’t matter, NCFP is here to help the community do what it wants to do and, believe it or not, we are not solely interested in property problems.

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